Virtual Voodoo

Your boss has you steamed: An assignment that could have been dumped on the person in the next cubicle landed on you instead. You're focused--very, very focused--on revenge. You might tell her off, but that's too confrontational for the likes of you. How about a curse instead? Not a verbal tirade. Voodoo. lets you e-mail voodoo curses to anyone who ticks you off.

Just enter the e-mail address of your target, choose a virtual voodoo doll, and select a curse from options like "Hurts, doesn't it?" The victim gets an e-mail with the message and an image of the doll riddled with pins. Best of all, there's no way to trace the curse. What's in it for Pinstruck? Not much: The site was built to show off Gaithersburg (Md.) Web designers Steem LLC. But that doesn't make sticking virtual pins into your boss's effigy any less sweet.