Reality Bytes

Could the Net leave a banker on a street in skivvies? Yes, now that reality-TV has gone digital. The idea: Get people to do weird things, like eat jars of mayonnaise, and post the video online. Viewers vote and winners get cash. "I bought a suit from a banker for $700 and left him on the corner in his underwear," laughs Morgan Spurlock, founder of New York-based

IBetYouWill, which hopes to make money on ads, isn't alone. Berlin-based dished up the "RealityRunner," who was dropped off in Germany's capital Aug. 1. Viewers watched the site for clues and paid to make guesses about "RealityRunner's" exact location. If a runner lasts 24 days without getting caught, that's worth $10,000. Netizens who solve the case swipe the prize, which a Dutch fan did in the first go-round. A $100,000 run is planned next year in New York. It's not the million Richard won on Survivor. But you won't get Sue the Trucker mad.

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