A Galaxy Of Knowledge

Thanks to the Web, the new science of knowledge management is yielding rich nuggets at Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, Europe's leading computer systems consultancy. Through a five-year-old system called Galaxy, all of Cap Gemini's 55,000 employees around the world can instantly tap one another's accumulated expertise on the corporate intranet to solve problems faster. In essence, it is a method for capturing the gist of what each staff member learns in the course of a new task or project so another consultant can use it later. Because Galaxy was built from the ground up to run on the Web, it's both cheaper to operate and easier to plug into from around the world than other such systems. That has helped make the program so successful that Cap Gemini is selling its clients software they can use to build their own versions of Galaxy. At Cap Gemini, the long-awaited promise of knowledge management is starting at last start to pay off.