Keeping In Touch

If your employees work all over the map and need access to your company's accounting data, some new Internet-based services may help. The services' software is much like computer- based accounting systems but available (with the proper passwords) through any Web-connected computer. There are a few other advantages, too. Web-based services always feature the latest software and tax tables, so you'll never need to upgrade. The downside? Unless you have a high-speed DSL or T-1 line, it's slow. The programs lack high-end features found in desktop programs. And you have to accept the fact that your company's data resides on some service's computer (page F.14).

NETLEDGER, which launched about six months ago with Oracle Corp.'s Lawrence J. Ellison as chairman, will withhold deductions and generate paychecks. The program has a nice security function that limits users to areas they're approved for, such as sales or payroll (, $4.95 per month per user).

EPEACHTREE, the online offering of the popular computer-based accounting software company, became available in June. It offers thorough security and payroll features, a comprehensive collection of report templates, and project tracking (, $9.99 per month, $4.99/month per additional user).

INTACCT offers a traditional double-entry online accounting system that thrives on debits and credits. Besides covering security and other accounting bases, this powerful program can track locations, departments, and territories (www., $49.95 per month).

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