A Trucker Finds A Niche In Cyberspace

Yamato is No. 1 in delivering goods ordered online and off

Hiroshi Sakai, a budding Netrepreneur, was about to launch Japan's first major Web site for discount wine sales. He quickly lined up a business partner, an established wholesaler with storage and office facilities to spare. Sakai, however, needed to fit one more piece into place: transport, the lifeblood of any e-commerce business. "Stories abound of packages arriving late or damaged," says Sakai, 29. So did he choose a new company like his own, especially geared to Internet businesses? Hardly. In July he struck a deal with Yamato Transport Co., an outfit that has been around since 1919. "I found that only Yamato met my requirements," he says. "I can trust them with my business."

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