Share Your Fast Access

A speedy DSL or cable Internet connection offers fast access to the Web, but for only one computer. To share the wealth, try the latest small office router-firewall products. These devices allow several users to tap into a single DSL, cable, or ISDN connection. (The fact that they're sharing means the bandwidth is divided: That is, the more users who are on at once, the slower the speed for each.) These connections also provide security against Internet hackers. Digicom System Inc.'s new $299 BritePort DSL Gateway Bridge/Router, model 8110, connects to an office network, or, if you don't have a network, to two computers. (, 408 719-5100). At $129, Linksys' EtherFast Cable/DSL Router is the lowest-cost unit (, 800 546-5797). Both were designed for small offices--and their owners. You don't have to be a technology expert to install them.

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