The Moulin Rouge Goes Disney...As High Tech Drives Up Rents

It's Saturday night, and the Lydon family, in Paris for a week from Cape Elizabeth, Me., are sipping Cokes as they take in the show at the Moulin Rouge. They gaze impassively as the 60 women, some bare-breasted, strut their stuff. Larry Lydon, when asked his critical opinion of the performance, limits himself to a nervous smile and a careful "It was good." Adds his wife, Tracy, trying for a quick save: "The vaudeville acts were good, too." Son Benjamin, 10, liked the mime, who pretended to make a movie with members of the audience. For daughter Katie, 14, who's studying dance, the highlight was the can-can, high-kicked by showgirls in French Revolutionary red, white, and blue ruffled petticoats. Grandpa and Grandma, Richard and Audrey Lewis, visited the Moulin eight years ago; it was their idea to bring the whole family this time around.

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