A Blue Light Specialist

Mark Goldstein launched--and sold--three tech startups. Now he's bringing Kmart online

BlueLight.com CEO Mark H. Goldstein has started and sold three technology companies in the past 14 years, becoming a multimillionaire along the way. So at 38, he could easily kick back on his houseboat in Sausalito, Calif., and spend his days pursuing his favorite outdoor activities--swimming, biking, and skiing. Fat chance. Goldstein is one of those people who starts companies for the thrill of it. "For him, the fun is in the making," says Hue Rhodes, an executive at Kmart Corp.'s $270 million e-commerce startup. And the tougher the challenge, the better. "Mark loves being the underdog," says D. Rex Golding of Softbank Venture Capital, Kmart's lead partner in the venture.

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