Dot Com Freshmen

It's never too late for dot-com envy. You would think that Don Regan, 81, former Treasury Secretary, might be content with his painting. And that Bob Dole, 76, could sit back and enjoy his Viagra bonanza.

But no. Both of these well-wired politicos have jumped on a hot trend: small-business Web sites. Last month, Regan emceed the launch of's on the company's advisory board. In March, Dole gave the "keynote address" for the kickoff of He is scheduled to become a formal adviser soon.

What's biting them? It could be another old Republican hand, Al Haig. Thanks to his seat on America Online Inc.'s board, Haig, 75, sold at least $52.6 million of AOL stock last year--shares that cost him $64,248.

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