2000 Idea Winners



Cinema Display, Apple Computer

"Eclipse" Gasoline Dispenser, Herbst LaZar Bell for Marconi Commerce Systems

SC4000 Sit-Down Counterbalanced Lift Truck, Crown Equipment, Design Central, and Ergonomic Systems Design

Virtual Ink Mimio, Fitch and Virtual Ink

WP2000 Series Pallet Truck, Crown Equipment and Design Central


Denali Headset, SoMA for Flightcom

Grafx Cases, Stuart Karten Design for Abex Displays

IR2080 Fleet Air Impact Wrench, Ingersoll-Rand

Macaw CAF Firefighting Backpack, Carter Design, Boulder Mountain Repair, and Intelagard

Qbe Personal Computing Tablet, WeLL Design Associates, Aqcess Technologies, and ERA Technology

Residential Fuel Cell Power Generator, Fiori Product Development for Northwest Power Systems

Syncmaster 150/170MP, Samsung Electronics

Teletrol Concentric, Eclipse Product Development and Teletrol Systems

Vulcan Spatial Measurement System, Priority Designs for Arc Second


AVC Edge-Touch Screen Voting System, Bleck Design Group

Entrega USB Hub System, Hauser for Entrega Technologies

Fluke VP190 Test Probes, Fluke and Precision Interconnect

HP OfficeJet R40, ZIBA Design and Hewlett-Packard

Ipaq, Compaq Computer

Phantom Desktop, Manta Product Development, SensAble Technologies, and Z Development

Quickscribe Engraver, Axxess Technologies

SnakeEye Remote Video Inspection System, Manta Product Development and Aqua Communications



ASF Paper Shredder, Staubitz Design Associates and Michilin Manufacturing for Royal-Olivetti Consumer Business Products

Bandit, Speck Product Design

Infinity Prelude MTS Loudspeaker System, Ashcraft Design for Infinity

iSub, Apple Computer

Mouse Sander, Black & Decker

NEC Z1 Personal Computer, Hauser for Packard Bell NEC

New Vision 1 Television, Philips Design

OrangeX OJex Manual Juicer, Smart Design for Orangex

Sportscope Flex-Fit Bicycle Helmets, Design Workshop and Biokinetics for Sportscope

TR5, Strategix I.D. for Athlon Fitness

View-Master Virtual Viewer, Fisher-Price and Priestman Goode


Campingaz Scorpio 270, Design Continuum Italia for Campingaz

Cereal Server, Tupperware

Compaq Home Internet Appliance, Compaq Computer

CS2000, Symbol Technologies, MachineArt, and Design Science

DeWalt Worksite Radio/Charger, Altitude and Black & Decker

Elph Sport, Canon, Design Center

Genie GV150, Bally Design for Genie

Hands-Free Gate, Product Insight for First Years

iBook Adapter, Apple Computer

IntelliMouse Explorer, Microsoft and Surface Strategy

Kestrel KM 40 Frame, IDE and Kestrel

Modular Helmet, Bombardier and Cross

NEXCA SDC-80, Samsung Electronics

Orca Mini Stapler, ECCO Design for Hunt

Quick 'N Easy Food Processor, Anderson Design and Household Products

SafeFit Supreme Seatbelt Adjuster, Fusion Product Design and New Product Works for Blue Ridge Int. Products

Sidewinder Dual Strike Gaming Device, Microsoft and Hauser

Stanley IntelliSensor Digi Scan, Stanley Works

SWIFFER, Joss for Procter & Gamble

The HeadBlade, HeadBlade

Xootr Scooters, Nova Cruz Products and Lunar Design


Airframe, Fox Racing

BPS WebTV Internet Terminal, Thomson Consumer Electronics

"CC" Shell Compact Disk Holder, Design Edge and BobInvention

Holmes "Ice Cool" Window Fan, Herbst LaZar Bell for Holmes

Ice Chest Express, Thermos and Insight Product Development

IceLite, IceLite

iFIX Hand Tools, Target and Logic Product Development

OXO Good Grips Bottle Stopper/Opener, Refac/Human Factors for OXO International

OXO Good Grips Toilet Brush, Smart Design for OXO International

Rock Roll-n-Ride Trike, Fisher-Price

SP150T Travel Surge, Product Insight and Curtis Computer Products

Spaceball 4000 FLX, Labtec and IDEO

Sparkling Symphony Gym, Fisher-Price, Tell Design, and Impactful Products

Stanley Composite Hacksaw, Stanley Works

Stowaway Portable Keyboard, Pentagram Design, Function Engineering, and Think Outside

Tenex X Files, Herbst LaZar Bell and Tenex

V. Series V2282 Cellular Telephone, Motorola and Native Design

Worm Light, Hauser for Nyko Technologies

Yamaha Compact Silent Electric Cello-SVC 200, Yamaha



Culinary Art Concept, Philips Design for Philips Domestic Appliance & Personal Care

J&J Independence 3000 Personal Transporter Concept, Roche Harkins Design for DEKA

JBREWS Sentry Unit & Transport Case Concept, Carlson Technology, Dept. of Defense Joint Program Office, and Betac

MainFrame (Vadem Allegro) Research, ZIBA Design for Vadem

Rug Concept, 3rd Uncle Design and Teknion Furniture Systems

Thumbscript & Prototype Communicator Concept, Smart Design and Thumbscript Development

Water Bug & Power Bug, Great Stuff

"Without Thought" Concept, IDEO for Diamond Design Management Network


DNA Analyzer, Stuart Karten Design for Clinical Micro Sensors

GeneXpert Cartridge Concept, bioDesign and Cepheid

GOOrU Concept, Herbst LaZar Bell

Massa Tiles & Accessories, Elseware

musicBottles Concept, MIT Media Laboratory

PDT 7200 Research, Symbol Technologies, Design Science, Ergonomic Technologies, Synerdyne, and Altitude

Polycom M5 Concept, ZIBA Design for Polycom

Safety Zipper Concept, INNO Design


Allegro Concept, ZIBA Design for Vadem

EggPlant Concept, InnoWorks

Musical Stick Concept, Interval Research, IDEO, and Moto Development Group



MPEG 4-Net Application, Samsung Electronics

Volume Analysis, GE Medical Systems


frogweb2, frogdesign

MicronPC, frogdesign

Xerox Knowledge Centre IaD Kiosks, IDEO for Xerox Document Center


Continuum Website, titanium electric and Design Continuum

R/3 User Interface, frogdesign for SAP



Accord 15, APCO Graphics

Ackerman McQueen Advertising Executive Offices, Elliott + Associates Architects for Ackerman McQueen Advertising

Crayola Cafe & Store, Burdick Group for Halls

Levi's Mothership Exhibit, Mauk Design for Foote, Cone & Belding


Apple Computer & Global Retail Fixturing System, Eight, U.S.Web/CKS, RTC Industries, Plant Construction, and Nomura for Apple Computer

Apple Computer Trade Show & Macworld SF2000, Eight, U.S.Web/CKS, Superior Exhibits & Design, Delphi Productions, and Lightswitch for Apple Computer

Arthur Andersen Power Plant, STUDIOS Architecture for Arthur Andersen

Haworth New York Showroom, Gensler for Haworth

JCI ASHRAE Exhibit, McMillan Group for Johnson Controls

Michael Graves Whitney Press Event, Design Guys for Target

Monsanto "Beautiful Science" Exhibit, Thinc Design and Paul Palazzo for Monsanto

Nortel Networks Executive Briefing Center, Centerbrook Architects and Planners and VisionFactory for Nortel Networks

SGI at Geneva Telecom, Jack Stewart Design and Nth Degree for SGI

Sony PlayStation E3 '99 Exhibit, Mauk Design for Sony Computer Entertainment

The Intel Museum of Technology, Ralph Appelbaum Associates and Plumbdesign for the Intel Museum

Village Works, Pentagram for Davis Museum & Cultural Center, Wellesley College


Bolle, Hornall Anderson Design Works for Bolle

Marshall Field's Seven on State, WalkerGroup/CNI for Dayton Hudson

Michael Graves Design Signage/Fixturing, Design Guys for TARGET

"Millennial Dreams," Ralph Appelbaum Associates for Museum of American Folk Art

MouseGear at Epcot-Walt Disney World, Walt Disney Attractions Merchandise, Walt Disney Imagineering, Pavlik, and URS Greiner

Samba at the Mirage, Rockwell Group for Bellagio



Resolve System, Olive 1:1 for Herman Miller

SATURNO, Emilio Ambasz & Associates for Ilva Pali Dalmine


GlassGlass Pendant, Luceplan

Levity Collection, Holbrook Design for Herman Miller

MERIDIAN, DesignResource and Brown Jordan

Reaction, Jerome Caruso Design and Steven Caruso for Herman Miller

Steelcase Leap Chair, IDEO and Steelcase


Canopy, Steelcase and DesignMax Lighting Optic Design

Caper Seating, Stumpf, Weber + Associates for Herman Miller

Delta Pull-Out Spray Faucet, Delta Faucet

Moen PureTouch Classic, Moen and Design Continuum

Pharo Shower Column, Phoenix Product Design for Hansgrohe



Intima II, BD Medical Systems

Mixing Station & Syringe Components, Coleman Product Design for Immunex

Neurometrix NC-stat, Product Genesis and NeuroMetrix


HiSonic Head Gear, Designology and Hearing Innovations

Personal Lasette, Hauser and Cell Robotics

Photochemical Recycling Systems, IDEO, Kiss Manufacturing for Photochemical Recycling Systems

Signa OpenSpeed MRI, GE Medical Systems and BIT7


da Vinci Surgical System, Intuitive Surgical and Lunar Design

GDx Access Glaucoma Testing Machine, designDESIGN and Laser Diagnostic Technologies

LabSpec Pro Spectrophotometer, Carter Design for Analytical Spectral Devices



Michael Graves Design Packaging, Design Guys for TARGET


Crayola Cafe & Store Packaging Graphics, Burdick Group for Halls

Similac Infant Formula Bottle, IDI/Innovations & Development and Ross Products Div. of Abbott Laboratories


Motorola Global Packaging, frogdesign for Motorola

Stanley Saw Storage Miter Box, Stanley Works



bebo, Michael Stefan Leoniak, Art Center College of Design

Bigelow Tea Series Boxes, Kee-sook Jeon, Art Center College of Design

Wayfinding for Seniors, Rick Hoobler, Hillary Carey, Ignacio Filippini, Jacey Stroback, and Lisa Glass, Carnegie Mellon University


aeeh-gi, Dong Min Lee, Cranbrook Academy of Art

clear view, Henry Law, San Jose State University

e mom, Henry Law and Ariel Turgel, San Jose State University

Gap Station, Kevin Wee Joung Kim, Terry Ko, Bryan Ranzenberger, and Hee Jo Seok, Art Center College of Design

Portable Cooler, Martha Harvey, North Carolina State University


Daisy, Manuel O. Saez, University of Bridgeport

Swap-It Cleaning System, Jessica Coseo, University of Notre Dame

Water Efficient Rice Washer/Cooker, Yun-wen Hsu, University of Illinois-Chicago



BMW K1200 LT Motorcycle, BMW


X5 Sports Activity Vehicle, BMW

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