What's It Worth?

When we heard about Eppraisals.com, a Web site that uses a network of experts to value art, antiques, and collectibles, we had to know about the wackiest objects they've appraised.

Guess what we learned? A Himalayan yak-milk canteen is worth $1,250, even though it was obviously used every day. Experts at major galleries were stumped by a simple Indonesian Gold Medallion worth $3,000--they couldn't identify it. Eppraisals.com got it.

Our favorite: An Antarctic ATM Receipt, value $25. This is Transaction Record No. 98 from the first day of operation of the first ATM on the continent. "This would probably appeal to a banker who collects polar material. I think it deserves to be preserved, but the market is not ready for it today. I predict that it will be in the future--perhaps in another 25 years," says their expert. Like some Net stocks.

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