Table: Portal Combat

The major Web portals claim to have it all--except, perhaps, objectivity. 
      Be it coincidence or not, the leading portals are taking subtle--and sometimes 
      not so subtle--jabs at their rivals.
      Portal   Search for   Results
     Hotmail      First result is a "recommended site"--
                            AOL e-mail--followed directly by listings
                            for the "Anti-Hotmail Page" and a page
                            showing the headline: "Hotmail Accounts
                            Easily Accessed by Hackers."
      Lycos    Hotmail      After pitches for two competing free e-mail
                            services, the third Web site listed provides
                            this little reminder: "New security hole
                            in Hotmail."
      Excite   AOL mail     Second result listed is a link to the "Why
                            America Online sucks" Web site.
     Yahoo mail   Oddly, the first result recommends AOL
                            e-mail. The second result says Yahoo mail
                            includes "4 MB [megabytes] storage, poor
                            advailabilty [sic] of usernames."
      MSN      Yahoo        Geez. MSN actually launches a separate
                            window touting "Why MSN Search beats Yahoo."
                            At bottom, a tiny hyperlink that concedes
                            "Okay, if you really want to go to Yahoo,
                            click here."
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