Commentary: It's Time For The U.S. To Let In More Mexicans

Whatever one may think of the illegal immigrants who sneak across the border from Mexico seeking work in the U.S., what has been happening recently in Arizona is an affront to human dignity. There, pistol-packing ranchers prowl highways with searchlights, night-vision binoculars, and walkie-talkies to round up dozens, sometimes hundreds of Mexicans. The ranchers, angry that the immigrants tramp through their property, hold their prey at gunpoint until the U.S. Border Patrol arrives. Adding insult to injury, an anonymous pamphlet has surfaced, inviting American vacationers to park their RVs on the ranches and join the vigilantes for some "fun in the sun." In the past 15 months, at least six Mexican immigrants have been shot and three killed along the border, with several of the incidents attributed to ranchers.

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