A Star Broker's Trail Of Losses

Enrique Perusquia's clients lost fortunes. Who's responsible?

Donna Bloomfield was a $28,000-a-year assistant in the purchasing department of Ann Taylor in New York when she fell under Enrique Perusquia's spell. It was the fall of 1991, and a friend brought Bloomfield to a Halloween party given by the dashing young Mexican stockbroker at his apartment in midtown Manhattan's swanky Olympic Tower. Soon, Bloomfield and Perusquia were dating. He gave her a $1,000 Cartier handbag that Christmas, and took her on vacations to Switzerland, St. Martin, and Hawaii. For Bloomfield, who grew up on Army bases as the daughter of a career soldier, it was all too enchanting. A little more than a year after they met, Bloomfield and Perusquia were married.

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