New Faces At The Party

Here we are, less than a year since we presented our first compendium of the 25--the men and women most influential in shaping e-commerce and the Web--and we're ready with a new list. Too soon, you might think, especially since the party is over for a host of e-tailers. After all, last year's list was dominated by e-tailers and the infrastructure builders who serve them. But the good times are far from over for the best of the bunch. It's hard to talk about e-business without including Amazon's ever-jovial Jeff Bezos or Yahoo!'s determined Tim Koogle. Still, nearly half of the new group is firmly planted in business-to-business e-commerce. You'll find B2B rivals Sanjiv Sidhu of software vendor i2 and Mark Hoffman of Commerce One. There's also Jeff Skilling, who has used the Web to help transform Enron from a sleepy energy company into a leading power broker. Last time, only 1 of the 25 was in B2B.

With B2B ascendant, our next issue, in June, will devote a Special Report to the e-marketplaces that are changing the way buyers and sellers in nearly every industry do deals. Count on more special reports in the coming months as, originally a quarterly, goes monthly with this issue. In the year since was launched, the Net has finagled its way into every corner of our lives--from the U.S. Mint to crematoriums. To stay abreast of this transformation, we, too, are stepping up our pace.

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