Euphoria Online

Mike Freccia smells a successful e-business--and it smells a lot like marijuana. At least, it does if you're the co-founder of, the self-described "pan-European pot portal" that launches in Amsterdam this June, with plans for other European cities later in the year. Freccia and his partner, Mike Tucker, plan to whisk pot grown at their greenhouse to customers via vans. "We want to be the FedEx of pot delivery," Freccia says.

Freccia, 35, and Tucker, 33, think government officials--who inconveniently keep insisting selling pot outside Holland is, y'know, illegal--will change their minds once they understand iToke is safer for consumers than buying ganja on the street--and taxable. The two expatriate Americans say their $5 million in venture-capital stash, er, cash, came from Europeans who made their money in high-tech. But of course.

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