What's Done Is Dun

If tracking and billing time drives you crazy, Elite.com's Timesolv might offer some sanity. Designed for consultants, lawyers, and others who bill for time, the Web-based service helps you keep tabs on how long you've spent working for clients. Sure, plenty of software does the same thing, but Timesolv will actually do the billing for you. After installing Timesolv software on a PC, Palm, or handheld PC, users simply enter their time and expenses in a daily log, and then upload the data to a secure Web site. When it's time to bill, Timesolv creates and sends the invoice. Prices range from about a buck an invoice to a flat fee of $9.95 per user per month, with additional charges for extras like reports, graphs, and other project-management tools. It's something to consider when your time is money (www.elite.com).

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