Carnival Isn't Shipshape These Days

First, onboard fires. Now, investors are fleeing

Last September, Larry Clark took his wife, Sarah, for a four-day cruise aboard the Tropicale, a Carnival Cruise Lines "fun" ship, to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary. But what the Clarks experienced was anything but fun. After leaving Cozumel, the ship's engine room caught fire. With the engines shut down and the toilets broken, the ship went adrift in the Gulf of Mexico. Finally, when an engine was fixed a day later, the ship returned safely to Florida--two days late. Carnival offered Clark a refund and voucher for a free cruise but the Lake Alfred (Fla.) salesman demurred. "It was a cruise from hell," he says. "We may take another cruise, I just don't know that it'll be on Carnival."

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