Table: Master Of Their Domains?

What's in a name? On the Internet, plenty. NameEngine Inc., a New York-based 
      domain-name registration company, checked on whether major U.S. corporations 
      are protecting the online use of their names worldwide. There are 249 
      different domain designations used in the U.S. and other countries. It's not 
      enough to register in the U.S. and forget to register in Britain. Oddly, 6 out of the 10 least-vigilant companies 
      are in high tech. Hey guys, it's the WORLD WIDE Web. Here are the 10:
                       Web Addresses      Web Name Taken
                       Company Owns         by Others
                       Worldwide            Worldwide
      CBS                 4                   46
      Times Mirror        1                   41
      KeyCorp             1                   40
      Gateway             3                   39
      AMP                 8                   39
      SCI Systems         1                   36
      Merrill Lynch       5                   36
      Reynolds Metals     1                   34
      SBC Communications  2                   33
      Texas Instruments   2                   31
      Quantum             3                   31
      DATA: NameEngine Inc.

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