I Tool Belt

If you use a Mac, you've had to get by without much of the software enjoyed by Windows users. But here's something the PC types might envy. Apple has just unveiled "iTools" (itools.mac.com/itoolsmain.html), a suite of free Internet tools. Among them are e-mail, Web hosting, and most important, the iDisk--20 megabytes of space on Apple's server farm where you can stash or share files. Free storage space on the Net is nothing new.

But with iDisk, once you log in, an icon for the disk pops up on your Mac's screen, just like a hard-drive icon. (You'll need OS9.) To put a file there, you simply drag and copy. That makes backups simple. It's also easy for a Mac-based small business to share spreadsheets, memos, even video presentations with traveling sales staff or telecommuters. And the iDisk is accessible via any Internet connection, anywhere. The only catch? You've got to be using a Mac.