Web Dna

How do you screen candidates for a dot-com position that didn't even exist three years ago? It's a particularly acute problem for Web businesses because there are no guideposts. Can that marketing manager from Hanes really make it in the New Economy? Executive recruiter Russell Reynolds Associates says it has distilled the essence of what makes for a top Internet manager through in-depth interviews with 15 of the Net's best execs. Through a series of questions and answers, they say they can zero in on the six critical characteristics of a successful hire.


Forget seize the day. These Type A's seize the second. They quickly jump on new business concepts or innovations to push their operations ahead with no delays.

Radiate Vision

Evangelical to the max. They communicate, communicate, communicate the company vision. But that's just the basics. They know better than to go after opportunities for immediate gratification. Instead, they focus on the long-term strategy.

80/20 Rules

By now, everybody knows this one--unless you've been in a cave reading Sports Illustrated for the last 3 years. What sets these managers apart: Given only 80% of the data needed, they draw on experience and insight to fill in the blanks.

The Right Stuff

No, don't raid NASA for candidates. These managers stay focused on turning every aspect of the business model into a revenue-generating engine. They don't get pulled into tangential tasks with little payoff.

The Organizational Improvisers

The key here: people who push ideas, instead of hierarchy. They create organizations fluid enough to respond to customer needs or competitive moves in a split second.

The Learning Obsessed

Taking an online course doesn't cut it. These managers dive into the situation to learn firsthand. They hold themselves accountable and candidly examine their own assumptions and competencies--constantly.