An Old Nuke Angers A Neighbor...But The Fears May Be Overblown

Taking a tour of Slovakia's Bohunice nuclear reactor is like strolling around the set of the latest Steven Spielberg high-tech extravaganza--or a clunky backdrop to some low-budget '50s sci-fi show. It all depends on which part you're looking at. In its nerve center, a room of sloping control panels, purple-coated engineers peer attentively at floor-to-ceiling rows of aging knobs, levers, and buttons. On the other side of the same room, behind a control desk, banks of sleek computers blink and whir, dispatching their automatic instructions. "You could say we have moved with the times," says Peter Riska, mayor of Jaslovske Bohunice, the nearby village that provides much of the plant's workforce.

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