Tips For Xtreme Retailers: Fix The Basics First

Here are some ideas that would constitute "Xtreme Retailing" (Cover Story, Dec. 20) for the brick-and-mortar guys:

1. Don't make people wait to check out.

2. Stay in stock on items you're supposed to have.

3. Train salespeople to know the merchandise and be helpful and friendly.

4. If you have shopping carts, make sure they have four round wheels.

Brad Leland

Newton, Mass.

May I suggest that if brick-and-mortar stores returned to basics, offering such features as adequate customer service and sales personnel, they would be better able to compete with the Internet. One has only to go to a megastore such as Circuit City Stores or The Good Guys Inc. and try to buy a piece of equipment in a reasonable time to become an advocate of e-commerce. Until the large stores start staffing adequate personnel, trained in their own computer systems as well as their products, they will steadily lose business to the Internet.

Glen Kaner

Las Vegas

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