Steve Jobs: Apple's Core Employee

Steven Jobs always manages to include blockbuster news in his annual keynote speech at the Macworld trade show. This year was no different. On Jan. 5, Jobs unveiled an ambitious Internet strategy calling for Apple Computer to provide e-mail, online greeting cards, and other services. He also announced that Apple sold a record 1.35 million units in the December quarter. At one point, Jobs was interrupted by teens chanting, "Steve rocks!"

That was just the warmup for the most crowd-pleasing news of all: Two-and-a-half years after returning to Apple as interim chief executive, Jobs finally made official what most people assumed long ago: He will stay on as full-time CEO. Jobs says his performance has quelled concerns that he could not run Apple and preside over Pixar Animation Studios, too. "I just thought it was time," says Jobs. "The reality is that I am CEO of Apple, so my title might as well reflect it." So will his pay--which will move up from the $1 annual salary he got as interim CEO.

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