Vincent Mc Mahon: Kinder, Gentler Sex And Violence

Vincent McMahon, chairman of the World Wrestling Federation, has learned that some outrageous things don't go better with Coke. With advertisers growing queasy, the mastermind behind the $1.3 billion company--and wrestling's resurgence--says he'll tone down the raunchier antics of wrestlers such as The Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin and produce a kinder, gentler WWF for TV.

McMahon is not going soft. And he's not likely to tinker too much with the formula that pulls in hordes of males under 35, making SmackDown! UPN's most popular show. But with advertisers like AT&T, Mars, and Coca-Cola pulling their ads because they feel the show has grown too violent and too sexual, McMahon has decided to clean up his act. As of Dec. 2, he promises to make the show suitable for TV's PG rating. The changes are likely to be subtle, with a little less sex, a little less violence, a little less "colorful" language. Even the fiercest grappler is defenseless against an angry sponsor.