A Vote Of Confidence In Nissan's Ghosn

I agree with the measures Carlos Ghosn is taking to fix Nissan ("Remaking Nissan," Cover Story, Nov. 15). I am confident his bold restructuring plan will be implemented with success even if there are quite a few stumbling blocks ahead. We all know that the so-called Japanese systems (such as the keiretsu, lifetime employment, market-share oriented strategy, convoy mentality regulated by administrative guidance, etc.) proved efficient in the 1980s, but after the bubble burst, these are no longer workable.

Many business executives share these views. However, due to the nature of their backgrounds--that is, having climbed the corporate ladder through the traditional system--they are hesitant to take bold steps. With this in my mind, I believe that Carlos Ghosn is the one to execute the plan, taking advantage of his own particular background.

H. Kitamura

Nishinomiya, Japan

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