Tough Love For Techie Souls

Silicon Valley's latest fad: Rebooting crashed execs

There's no sign in front of 1451 Grant Rd. in Mountain View, Calif., to advertise the Growth & Leadership Center. If there were, this place might attract rubberneckers the same way William H. Gates III's $53 million, football-field-size mansion does. Here, in this gray-glass office building, some of high tech's juiciest and most tantalizing dramas are unfolding--and they have nothing to do with C++ or initial public offerings. Instead, the sultans of Silicon Valley swing into the wooded parking lot in their freshly waxed Mercedes and BMWs to dump secrets of another sort: interpersonal ones that are threatening to implode their careers. "My personal mission is to save careers and lives," says executive coach and GLC founder Jean Hollands. "I help people from getting squeezed up and tooled out."

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