In Search Of Leadership

A talk with headhunters turned authors Citrin and Neff

What makes a leader? That's the question star headhunters Thomas J. Neff and James M. Citrin of Spencer Stuart try to answer in their recent book, Lessons from the Top: The Search For America's Best Business Leaders. The authors, who have conducted hundreds of high-profile executive searches, interviewed 50 of Corporate America's best leaders. The executives they chose--based on extensive polling and financial analysis--work in every sector of the economy, from Stephen M. Case, CEO of America Online Inc., to Donald V. Fites, former chief executive of Caterpillar Inc. Despite vast differences in personality and in the kinds of companies these executives lead, Neff and Citrin found that there were important traits shared by most. On Oct. 26, the authors talked with Management Editor Jennifer Reingold to discuss their findings.

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