But Will It Call My Mother?

The new smart phones are nifty--though not yet perfect

When Howard Gerson has a meeting he mustn't forget, the chief executive officer of Certified Safety Manufacturing Inc., a maker of first-aid kits in Kansas City, Mo., doesn't ask his secretary for a reminder. Instead, he programs the calendar in his wireless phone to ring him. And when he needs to send an e-mail while waiting to board a plane, he doesn't pull out his laptop PC. He'll zap it from that same bionic gadget--a brand-new NeoPoint 1000 that he bought the first day Sprint PCS sold them. Heck, if he's running late for a flight, he can even check whether the plane is on time by using his phone to call up a travel Web site. "I can do anything with this phone," says a beaming Gerson. "It's great."

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