Marc Andreessen: A Netscapee's Next Caper

At the ripe old age of 28, Marc Andreessen is launching his second act. The boy wonder behind Netscape Communications announced on Oct. 26 that he is forming a company called Loudcloud. He's saying little about the Menlo Park (Calif.) startup except that it will provide technology services to internet and e-commerce companies.

Andreessen, who joined America Online after it purchased Netscape in March, stepped down as AOL's chief technical officer in September. He has stayed on at AOL as a part-time adviser.

Loudcloud, whose other founders are mostly fellow Netscapees, plans to offer computing and software services to new Net sites. "They should focus on their customers and not their computers," Andreessen says. Sure, there are lots of companies offering Web hosting and similar services, Andreessen says. But Loudcloud will be different: "No one is doing what we're going to do," he says. Exactly how will be revealed next year.

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