Bracing For A Trade Battle In Seattle

The coming trade summit could turn into a brawl over everything from e-commerce to agriculture

Millennium Round? Seattle Round? How about the Clinton Round? That has a nice historical ring to it. And President Clinton would love to attach his name to the global trade talks that get under way on Nov. 30, just as his idol, President John F. Kennedy, did with the highly successful Kennedy Round in 1962. After all, an explosion of international trade has marked the Clinton era. Even amid record trade deficits, U.S. exports stand at 23% of economic output, up from 19% in the 1980s. Trade accounts for one in six of the 19.4 million jobs created in the U.S. since 1992. And it was Clinton who persuaded the World Trade Organization to come to Seattle to kick off "a new kind of round for a new century."

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