A Funny Thing Happened...

Talk about overcoming a disability: Michael Aronin turned his cerebral palsy into a career opportunity'

Growing up with cerebral palsy, Michael David Aronin learned the value of a well-timed joke to put everybody at ease. Aronin, 31, who used to work for the state of Maryland placing disabled workers, hit the comedy club circuit about six years ago. Now, from his home in Odenton, Md., he runs his own business called Rising Above, offering his services as an "inspirational" speaker to professional and business groups. Drawing on his gift of humor, he tries to sensitize and educate his audiences.

Aronin still does an occasional comedy gig, and is writing his autobiography. He spoke with frontier's Deputy Editor Robin D. Schatz about his own life, society's view of disabilities, and how employers can be more sensitive. Some excerpts:

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