The Land Of E Everything

Back in the old days, when the computer industry was just a smidgen of the world economy, the prefix "e" just meant electronic. As in e-mail. Now, like it or not, "e" stands for everything: e-banking, e-books, e-travel, e-training, e-entertainment, and even e-engineering. The Internet and the explosion of creativity it has fostered are transforming every aspect of the business world. E-business is getting big. And so, naturally, is BUSINESS WEEK's Starting next spring, BUSINESS WEEK's supplement that chronicles the Net business revolution will start appearing monthly. This wasn't planned. When we launched Business Week last March, it was intended as a quarterly--with daily updates online. But our original plans have been swept aside by the overwhelming rush of companies harnessing the Web. It used to be that just Internet startups regrouped every few months. Now everybody does. Including us.

It's hard to keep up otherwise. Look at the retailing business. The next two months will challenge the world's retailing stalwarts and Net upstarts like never before--as you will read in the cover story in our current issue. Sure, consumers are expected to snap up $12 billion worth of Christmas goodies online. But the cybershops that stumble may find themselves left out of the bonanza. And not just this holiday season, but for decades to come.

Brace yourself. You're going to be seeing a lot more e-business turmoil next year--and a lot more Business Week, too.

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