Random Access: Pay Your Bills On The Net

Tired of creating and sending invoices, and filling out and submitting expense forms? New services let you perform these tasks more easily through the Internet. TimeBills.com offers a Web site where you can key in time and expenses incurred on behalf of clients and then get a summary of the activities. Best of all, the service creates and sends paper invoices. Customers receive a mailed invoice that includes a detachable payment coupon and pre-addressed return envelope. The cost: $4.95 for every three invoices submitted (www.timebills.com).

ExpensAble.com is an Internet site that accepts travel and entertainment expenses from business travelers, who can submit expenditures through any Web-connected computer. Companies can also use the Web site to immediately review and approve workers' expenditures. ExpensAble.com offers different subscription levels and customized services (www.expensable.com). While neither service collects money, both use the Net to get the paperwork rolling.

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