With This Mouse, I Thee Sever

Got a bad marriage but a good modem? Rather than fly to Las Vegas for a quickie divorce, more couples will soon be calling it quits on the Web. Desktop Lawyer, a British online legal service, is scouting out partners for its e-divorce service in the U.S. and Europe. Sound like a cyberscam? Desktop Lawyer has proven its case. Since July, 1,500 couples have paid $130 to download the software. That's cheap. British lawyers typically charge $800.

Desktop's clients simply log on to desktoplawyer.com to get the software. The package includes a questionnaire that draws up a divorce contract according to the answers. Once customers e-mail the completed documents to Desktop Lawyer, they proceed by snail mail to the courts. With costs this low, maybe divorcees will have enough money left to vacation in Vegas.

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