A Wee Keyboard For Smaller Hands

Sure, it's cute when junior dresses up in grown-up clothes. But if they begin computing on an adult-size keyboard, kids may pick up the bad habit of hunt-and-peck typing that's hard to break later. Datadesk Technologies of Bainbridge Island, Wash., has a solution: a keyboard 20% smaller than the standard.

Dubbed LittleFingers, Datadesk's keyboard has the usual keys, but with smaller buttons and smaller gaps between them. "It's physically impossible for small children to touch-type" on a regular board, says William Frankel, Datadesk's sales and marketing vice-president.

The $99 product comes with typing-instruction software from Learning Co. An adult-size keyboard can be plugged into LittleFingers, letting adults share a PC with a child--or use the PC alone without disconnecting one keyboard to hook up another.

Frankel says Datadesk is mostly selling LittleFingers directly as it seeks retail partners. A patent means no direct competition for now. "Hopefully," Frankel says, "we won't see any for some time."

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