Table: Fat Cat Etiquette

LOOK OUT! Campaign 2000 is coming to a rubber-chicken dinner near you. Here 
      are some rules on donations for business owners. For more, visit
      YOU CAN:                               YOU CAN'T:
      Personally give $1,000 to              Reimburse employees for
      each Presidential candidate            contributions
      Personally, and through the            Give candidates funds
      business, give unlimited               directly from the business
      amounts for general use by             (unless it's through the
      political parties (so-called           company's registered PAC)
      "soft dollars")
      Solicit executives, admini-            Contribute in the name of
      strative personnel, and                another person--say, a
      stockholders--but not rank-            child
      and-file employees--for a
      particular candidate
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