Happy Y2 K? Well...

It's tough enough to ask employees to work weekends. You may soon have to ask for a far bigger sacrifice: that some of them spend New Year's 2000 at the office. A few tips for staffing during the millennium:

PLAN EARLY. Some New Year's arrangements have been in the works for years. As soon as possible, break the news that you need help and hope you don't spoil any plans.

PAY WELL. What's worth missing the biggest party of the past 1,000 years? At least three times wages, recommends Anthony Mulkern, a Glendale (Calif.) human-resources adviser to high-tech businesses.

SHOW APPRECIATION. Design commemorative T-shirts. Feature your New Year's team in the company newsletter. Throw an on-site party.

SET AN EXAMPLE. Absentee bosses don't inspire loyalty. At the least, carry a cell phone or beeper so employees can reach you on Dec. 31. "I'm always on call, not just for Y2K," says Shao Yuan Hsueh, president of Lisle (Ill.) database firm Leapfrog Technologies Inc.

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