Uncle Sam Wants You To Nail Hackers

While business frets about scarce programmers, Uncle Sam is worried about a shortage of computer-security experts. So the White House wants to create a "cyber corps"--a group of students who would get two years of tuition aid to study such things as intrusion detection in return for two years of government service.

Theprogram would enroll 300 undergraduate and graduate students in the fiscal year beginning October, 2000. One problem: Few colleges have undergraduate computer-security programs. The Clinton Administration wants schools to develop their own.

In addition, Washington is launching a federal information-technology security program to train current government workers about security. They learn, for example, to guard databases by changing passwords or how to add software to detect intruders. Washington hopes that teaching workers over the Internet, rather than in person, will cut the cost of training up to 10,000 federal employees a year. The overall tabfor new computer-security training: up to $25 million annually.

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