David Dunn: Zip Goes The Ceo

The revolving door keeps turning at Iomega, the beleaguered maker of data-storage devices, where Chairman David Dunn can't seem to keep a chief exec in place for long. CEO Jodie Glore, who was brought in only 10 months ago to replace Kim Edwards, abruptly announced his departure on Aug. 22 for "personal reasons." Dunn, who has switched chief executives seven times since co-founding Iomega in 1980, has stepped in as acting CEO until another new chief can be found. Unlike Edwards', Glore's resignation does not appear forced. In a letter to shareholders, Dunn said the move "was not because of a lack of confidence in [Glore]."

It's unclear how long Dunn, 68, will pull double duty at Iomega, which makes the popular Zip and Jaz storage drives. But it will probably be a while. Iomega must compete with far less troubled tech companies for top talent. Just two weeks before Glore's departure, the company finally hired a new chief financial officer and a new treasurer after 14 months of looking. Dunn might be holding down the fort for a long time.

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