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Keep up with developments in the fast-paced world of E-business at The site offers the latest news from CNET and the staff of BUSINESS WEEK magazine and online. Check out what we'll be analyzing in our upcoming set of regular E-business features.


Perspective: Columnist Geoff Smith previews upcoming advice software from Fidelity's online-brokerage unit (July 19).


Company Closeup: A look at HyperMart, Inc. (July 20) and a closeup on Preview Travel (July 27).


Movers & Shakers: Profile of Hiroshi Mikitani, the founder of online retailer Rakuten and a leader of Japan's emerging "Bit Valley" mecca for Net startups (July 21).


Street Wise: A weekly commentary on E-business stocks and the markets.


Clicks & Misses: Web site review of venture capital sites (July 16) and a critique of (July 23).


Watch for daily additions to our Data Mine, a collection of facts and figures, and sample occasional opinion pieces by staffers, researchers, or executives.

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