The Road To Webville

In a play, Act I sets the scene and lays out the characters and issues against a broad backdrop. By Act II, it's down to business. And such is the case with BUSINESS WEEK This is the second issue of the magazine's new supplement, which explores the sweeping transformation of businesses during these highly volatile times. While the first issue was a special report on one subject--what CEOs need to know to survive--this issue has a traditional magazine format that allows us to handle a slew of pressing subjects. You will find the strategies of Net-smart companies and reviews of Web sites that click--and miss. Find out how virtual companies deliver stuff--say, fresh shrimp--to buyers everywhere. Finally, get new ways to preview what's ahead in our columns: Perspective, Data Mine, and the Cutting Edge.

One thing remains the same in our focus. is aimed at the top brass, the decision-makers who need to manage their way to E-prosperity. For example, our Cover Story, "The Information Gold Mine," reveals how the Web is starting to live up to its promise, allowing companies to analyze torrents of customer data on the fly.

And what better way to spotlight the issues confronting a thoroughly modern manager than by featuring the top execs in the field? Coming in mid-September will be our BUSINESS WEEK 25, the most prominent people shaping the world of electronic commerce. Look upon it as Act III.

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