Compuware Women "Set The Record Straight"

As women in senior management at Compuware Corp., we were distressed and disturbed by your recent articles on Compuware and Pete Karmanos ("No way to treat a crisis" and "Keeping an investigation on the right track," People, July 5). While it would be inappropriate for us to address the specifics you cited, suffice it to say that your description of the situation was incomplete, at best.

What is most important to us, however, is to set the record straight as to the reality of being female at Compuware Corp. As one example, there are currently four women on Compuware's executive committee, and two on the board of directors. We challenge you to find another top software company that can match these percentages in top management. Of those four women on the executive committee, all were promoted from within the company. If there's a glass ceiling at Compuware, we've yet to encounter it.

We have all worked with Pete Karmanos on a near daily basis. Can he be demanding at times? Certainly. There isn't a successful business leader alive who isn't. But we can say two things with absolute certainty: First, we have not witnessed or personally experienced anything that could be viewed as sexist behavior, let alone sexual harassment, in our dealings with Pete. And second, all of us are smarter, better businesspeople because of the experience of working with him.

Compuware is an outstanding company, in large part because of Pete and the people he has hired, encouraged, and promoted. Both the company and Pete deserve more balanced, informed treatment than what your publication has portrayed.

Patricia Bennett, Sales Director

Donna Debrodt, Vice-President, Corporate Marketing

Laura Fournier, Chief Financial


Chris Galloway, Vice-President, Testing and Implementation

Mary Hepler, Vice-President,

Professional Services

Denise Knobblock,

Executive Vice-President,

Human Resources and


Barbara Kovach,

Deputy General Counsel

Phyllis Recca,

Senior Vice-President,

Professional Services

Karen Sosnick, General Manager, Fault Management Products

Jennie Zamberlan, Vice-President, Compuware Solutions

Compuware Corp.

Farmington Hills, Mich.

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