Table: Shop Till You `Bot

Imagine if a bunch of robots could scour the country to find you the best 
      prices on office supplies, computers, and business books. Imagine no more. On 
      the Web, an evolving breed of shopping `bots (short for, yes, robots) 
      simultaneously search dozens of E-commerce sites and report back on the 
      choicest deals.
      SHOPPING `BOT                      PROS
      JANGO BY EXCITE  Forty-two categories from tea to satellite    TV, some with product reviews.
      MYSIMON          Searches 1,300 sites. Espouses indepen-      dence, so as not to favor--or exclude--
                       particular merchants' offers.
      CNET             Most sophisticated info, including details      on shipping and handling costs, product
                       guarantees, and service options.
      SHOPPING `BOT            CONS
      JANGO BY EXCITE  Confusing interface. No    shipping or merchant
                       info. Painfully slow.
      MYSIMON          No shipping data.      Limited office-product
      CNET             Limited to computers      and tech gear.