She's All That

Multitasker. Communicator. Team player. As anthropologist Helen Fisher argues in The First Sex (Random House, $25.95), women possess a set of innate skills suited to entrepreneurial success in the next century's Information Era.

She's All That

In particular, says Fisher, women are more adept than men at juggling many tasks at once. ("A million years ago you had to sit next to the fire, pound the nuts, and soothe the baby.") And their need to comfort their young has made them, over the eons, better communicators. That, claims Fisher, will help them hatch relationships that are key to building businesses in an increasingly global and partnership-crazed business milieu.

Whether you agree with Fisher or not, she and other economists point to demographic trends that stand to have a huge impact on women's entry into business: Most important, they're now getting educated at rates equal to or greater than men. "We're moving into a culture where women have much broader opportunities than they did in the past," says Fisher. Can the Century of Women be far away?

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