The "Dial Tone" Of The Internet

You are to be commended for reminding readers that, while the online transaction itself is changing the way much of our commerce is conducted, the principal beneficiaries of the Internet Age today are the companies involved in building the infrastructure for this "New Economy" ("The Info Tech 100," Special Report, June 21).

In describing the builders of the new economy, however, you neglected to highlight two of the Internet's central underlying truths. The first is the explosion in the sheer amount of data that is provided online. The second is people's growing realization that the constant availability of the information is as important to Internet-based businesses as the dial tone is to telephone-service providers.

These truths are among the reasons EMC Corp., as the leader in providing Net businesses with the hardware and software to store, protect, and manage all this information, was ranked No. 6 among the Info Tech 100. We have customers whose businesses didn't exist three years ago and that now store more information online than the largest banks in New York.

And every time a major E-commerce outage rears its ugly head and cuts a Web company's market capitalization by a third, more of these companies learn the lesson that a robust information infrastructure is an essential requirement for survival.

It's not just Cisco Systems Inc.'s pipes and Dell Computer Corp.'s nuts and bolts. At its core, the Internet phenomenon is about constant, uninterrupted access to information.

Michael C. Ruettgers

President and CEO

EMC Corp.

Hopkinton, Mass.

We at Comverse Technology Inc. were pleased to see our strong growth, financial performance, and shareholder return lead to a No. 16 ranking in your recent Info Tech 100 list. Your description of Comverse, however, relates to less than 10% of our business.

About 90% of our company's sales involve systems and software that enable more than 290 wireless and wireline telecommunications network operators to offer their customers revenue-generating enhanced services such as voice mail, messaging, and prepaid calling. Comverse is the world leader in this growing market.

Paul D. Baker


Comverse Technology Inc.

Woodbury, N.Y.