Anne Frank's Stepsister Corrects The Record

"A family feud over Anne Frank's legacy" (Letter from Amsterdam, June 14) contains misleading statements. My book, Eva's Story, was written to contribute to Holocaust education, which I do also by lecturing in schools, etc. My income from both the book and from lecturing is tiny, not exceeding $2,000 a year that barely covers the expenses incurred. Fortunately, my family is comfortable financially, allowing me to concentrate all along on the educational effect of my activities.

The fact that I am Anne's stepsister is stated on the cover of my book. It is, after all, true, my mother having married Anne's father after the war. It is also very relevant, because the book contains much about my acquaintance with Anne before Auschwitz and my family's subsequent close links with hers.

Eva Schloss

Edgware, England

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