We Are What We Eat

One week before the appearance of "Imperiled monarchs alter the biotech landscape" (American News, June 7), another apparently imperiled monarch-to-be, His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, released "My 10 fears for GM [genetically modified] food" through the media. He, too, discussed the fate of the monarch butterfly.

The biotech giants are everywhere, and here in Australia, where we have a reputation for living in a "clean green" country, concern is mounting. Recent research shows that 40% of us are concerned about genetically modified foods. The reason is simple. There is a growing awareness that, to paraphrase the 19th century French food philosopher Brillat-Savarin, "we are what we eat." That being so, we have every right to know exactly what it is that we eat.

Gawen Rudder


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