1999 Idea Winners



Hot-Plug Hard Drive Tray, Compaq Computers Corp.

i1000 Multi Service Wireless Communicator, Motorola Inc.

SmartGlas Flat-panel Display System, Product Insight, Inc. and Pixel Vision Inc.

SoftBook, IDEO, Lunar Design, and SoftBook Press

V-mail Camera, Philips Electronics, The Netherlands

WAVE Work Assist Vehicle, David Smith, John F. McClusky, Ergonomic Systems Design Inc., and Crown Equipment Corp.


200 Series Skid Steers, Walter Dorwin Teague Assoc. for John Deere Commercial Worksite Products

Clio, frogdesign and Vadem

Cosmo Camera, ELEVEN and PictureTel Corp.

Crown RR5000 & RR5000S, Crown Equipment Corp.

Disney Kiosk, frogdesign for Walt Disney Imagineering

Galaxy Mail System, Pitney Bowes Inc.

IBM Flat Panel Monitor, Richard Sapper, Italy, and IBM Corp.

KSM32 Microphone, Cesaroni Design and Shure Brothers Inc., Britain and U.S.

Labtec ClearVoice Collar Mic, ZIBA Design for Labtec

Power Macintosh G3, Apple Computer Inc.

PowerBook G3, Apple Computer Inc.

Silicon Graphics Work Station, Pentagram Design Ltd. and Silicon Graphics Inc.

ThinkPad 600, IBM Japan Ltd.

VisionMaker, The Arnott Group/Input Technologies Inc., Canada


Axia, DCA Ltd. for American Allsafe Co.

CrossPad XP, Fitch Inc. and A.T. Cross-Pen Computing Group

Cyberform, Nectar Design and David Potter for Liz Claiborne Inc.

Delta Flo Solder Reflow Ovens, Metaphorm Design and Research International Inc.

DV Steadicam, Sand Lake Design Inc. for Cinema Products Corp.

EFI Fiery LX, ZIBA Design and Electronics for Imaging

Intellimouse Pro, Microsoft Corp.

Lexmark 3200 Color Jetprinter, Lexmark International Inc.

Netfinity Server Series, IBM Corp.

Nino 300, Philips Electronics, The Netherlands

Orbit Barcode Scanner, Bresslergroup Inc. and Metrologic Instruments Inc.

Passport P-150 Portable Sound System, Fender USA Corp. and Cambridge Design Ltd., Britain

Thermador DualFuel Professional Ranges, Holbrook Design LLC for Thermador Corp.

Wacom Intuos Line, ZIBA Design for Wacom Technology



Benwin "Executive" Multimedia Speakers, RKS Design Inc. for KQuest/Benwin

Craftsman Low Profile Detachable Vacuum, Emerson Tool Co. for Sears, Roebuck & Co.

DishDrawer (DD602), Fisher & Paykel Ltd., New Zealand

EKCO Clip'n Stay Clothespin, Ancona 2 Inc. for EKCO Housewares Inc.

Flexible Footwear, Flexible Footwear Technologies Ltd. and Design Central

iMac, Apple Computer Inc.

OXO Good Grips Soap Pump Palm Brush, Smart Design for OXO International

Tonka Joe Workshop PC Playset, Klitsner Industrial Design Inc. for Hasbro Interactive

Triax Running Watches, Astro Products Inc. and Nike Inc.

Tropicool Personal Fan, Insight Product Development LLC and Holmes Products Corp.


100' Open Reel Long Tape, The Stanley Works and Staubitz Design Associates

GALAXY, Kompan Inc. and Kompan A/S, Denmark

Gather & Go Rake, Innovations & Development Inc. and True Temper Hardware

High Tension Hacksaw, The Stanley Works, France and U.S.

Hobie Mirage Kayak, Hobie Cat Co.

HP LaserJet 1100, ZIBA Design, Hewlett-Packard

Infant Toddler Rocker, Fisher-Price Inc. and KEK Associates Inc.

Nike Airelon Eyewear, Nike Inc.

Nike Typhoon Surf Watch, Pentagram Design Ltd. and Nike Inc.

OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner, Human Factors Industrial Design Inc. for OXO International

Philishave Cool Skin HQ 5620, Philips Electronics, The Netherlands

Pop Shots, IDEO and Polaroid Corp.

RAYBOWLS, Chilewich LLC, Julio Garciafiguer, Peter Mann, and Jennifer LaRusso ScooterBug Stroller, Manta Product Development Inc. and ScooterBug Inc.

Swingline 2-60 Personal Heavy-Duty Stapler, ACCO Brands Inc. and Beyond Design Inc.

Target Toaster, Michael Graves & Associates for Target

View-Master Discovery Viewer, Fisher-Price Inc.


Alcatel 2840, Bruno Chiocchi, France, and Alcatel Business Systems, France

ANT-500 Digital Antenna, Thomson Consumer Electronics

BabyBjorn Toilet Trainer, Ergonomi Design Gruppen, Sweden, for BabyBjorn, Sweden

Brita Cascade, Altitude Inc. and The Brita Products Co.

CanoScan FB620P, Canon Inc., Japan

CapRack, ELEVEN and Perfect Curve Inc.

Classroom Compass, Fiskars Inc.

Genesis, Samsonite Corp.

Gigaset 2420, Siemens ICP CD and Design Edge

Infurno System, Patagonia

Lionel Phantom Train Engine, Fitch Inc. and Lionel LLC

Loewe Planus, Design Studio for Sensory Science Corp.

Logitech Wingman Formula Force, Logitech Inc. and IDEO

Pollenex, 3 in 1 Personal Spa, Insight Product Development, LLC and Rival Co.

Rocket eBook, Palo Alto Products Intl. and NuvoMedia Inc.

SnoWalkers, Bleck Design Group for OUTTABOUNDZ SPORTS

Sonigistix Monsoon MM-1000, ZIBA Design for Sonigistix, Canada

SurgeArrest Notebook Pro Surge Protector, ELEVEN and American Power Conversion

Swingline Staple Removers, ACCO Brands Inc.

Thermador C Series Ovens, Holbrook Design LLC for Thermador Corp.

VCR Co-Pilot, Metaform Product Development for Joseph Enterprises Inc.

X-IT Emergency Escape Ladder, X-IT Products LLC and Ezio DiBelardino



E-TRANS "The Mouse," GVO and ALZA Corp.

IBM Electronic Newspaper, Better.Design Solutions, Germany, and IBM Corp.

Next Generation Reach Truck Design Research, Ergonomic Systems Design Inc. and Crown Equipment Corp.

Nissan Sport Utility Truck, Nissan Design International Inc.

Trail Tag, Carr & Lamb Design for Patagonia


AC/DC Portable Microwave Oven Concept, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., Korea

City Access Taxi Concept, Design Club International Inc., Japan

E2C2, Compaq Computer Corp. and exo Design

Eqwip Softball Glove Concept, Priority Designs Inc.

HP CapShare 910 Information Appliance Research, Smart Design Inc. and Hewlett-Packard Co.

IDEO Shopping Cart Concept, IDEO

LifeStick Concept, Datascope Corp., MACHINEART Inc., and IDEO

Picasso Internet Radio Concept, Thomson Consumer Electronics

reMemory COncept, Microsoft Corp.


Apollo Color Inkjet Printer Concept, Hauser Inc. for Hewlett-Packard Co.

Cadillac Evoq Luxury Roadster Concept, GM Design Center

Digital Music Performance Concept, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., Korea

Inroad Concepts, Stratos Product Development Group for Inroad

`KILI' Kitchen Telephone Concept, Thomson Consumer Electronics

Steelcase Globe User Interface Concept, Steelcase North America and IDEO

VOICE-EGG Concept, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., Korea



Micaela, Eight Inc. for Micaela

Sony Electronics Comdex 98 Exhibit, Mauk Design for Sony Electronics Inc.

Tommy Boy Music Offices, Turett Collaborative Architects for Tommy Boy Music


Apple MacWorld Trade Show, Eight Inc., USWeb/CKS, Delphi Productions Inc., and Lightswitch for Apple Computer Inc.

Garden of Samsung, The Burdick Group and Cheil Communications for Samsung Electronics, Korea

In-N-Out Burger, Kanner Architects for In-N-Out

Vietnam Era Educational Center, Ralph Appelbaum Associates for Vietnam Era Educational Center


Steelcase Worklife Chicago, Steelcase North America and IDEO

Titanic Exhibition, Rutchik Group and George P. Johnson Co. for Event Management Int'l: A Div. of World Trade Boston

Under the Sun: An Outdoor Exhibition of Light, FTL Happold Architecture & Engineering and Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum



Escale, Haworth Inc., France and U.S.

Kart, 5D Studio, IDEO, for VECTA


Maya Lin Collection-Chaise Lounge, Maya Lin, Shea + Latone, and Knoll Inc.

Oh Chair, Karim Rashid Inc. for Umbra, Canada


Bellini Chair, Studio Bellini, Italy, for Heller Inc.

Gallery Stool, Fredericia Furniture A/S, Denmark

LinearEssence, Fiberstars Inc.



Hi & Dri, Microplas Inc. for DriDent

PharmASSIST, Steiner Design Associates and R&D Design for Innovation Associates

Sovereign Medical System, Designworks/USA for Allergan


ComforTemp Thermometer, Product Insight Inc. and The First Years

CryoGyn, Bridge Design Inc. and Cryogen Inc.

DenOptix Digital Imaging System, Lunar Design and Alara Inc.

Ethicon TruScan, ZIBA Design for Ethicon

HP Infinium Oscilloscope, Herbst LaZar Bell Inc. for Hewlett-Packard Co.

Metered Dose Inhaler Assist, PharmaDesign Inc. for Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals

Persist, Strategix ID and DesChutes Medical Products Inc.

United States Surgical Axial Blood Pump, Walter Dorwin Teague Associates and SeaMED Corp. for United States Surgical Corp.

Zomig Attack Pack, PharmaDesign Inc. for Zeneca Pharmaceuticals


A-2000 BIS Monitor, Design Continuum, Tech Design, Aspect Medical Sys., and William J. Wholt

Clarion Speech Processor, Stuart Karten Design Inc. for Advanced Bionics

EPIC Laser Head, Bridge Design Inc. and Coherent Medical

Midwest Dental AirTouch, Midwest Dental and IDEO

Quickie XTR, Sunrise Medical Inc.

Trilobite Disposable Biopsy Forceps Handle, Bilitz Design Inc. for Esco Medical Instruments Inc.



New Leaf Gravity VITA BIN, New Leaf Designs Inc. and Worrell Design Inc.

WAVE Operator Manual, XXL Design, A&M Graphics, and Crown Equipment Corp.


HP OmniBooks Packaging, Hewlett-Packard Co.

NCR Three Goldfish and a Computer, IDEO Europe and NCR Knowledge Lab NCR Financial Solutions Group Ltd., Britain


ACS: Centaur Packaging, Chiron Diagnostics, Bayer Corp., and Peretz Design

CDI System 500 GUI, IDEO and 3M Health Care Cardiovascular Systems

Fuse98.com, Meta Design

Leatherman Tools Packaging, Hornall Anderson Design Works Inc. for Leatherman Tool Group Inc.

Map of the Market, SmartMoney

New Product Process Tool, ACCO Brands Inc., Hartford Design, and Henderson Co.



10th Mountain Patrol Pack, University of Cincinnati

KIDCOM, Art Center College of Design for Nokia Mobile Phone

Nimbus Meteorological Park, Art Center College of Design

"Vivace" Conference Chair, Art Center College of Design


Quote, A Stock Watching & Trading Device, Art Center College of Design for Acer Inc.

Safe Place, Pratt Institute


Cyrano Landmine Eradicator, Art Center College of Design

Gastrointestinal Videoscope, Wentworth Institute of Technology

Pivot, University of Illinois

R.I.S.K., Art Center College of Design



R 1200 C Motorcycle, BMW AG, Germany


Inflatable Balloon Basket, Festo AG & Co., Germany


Caterpillar Command Control Steering, Caterpillar Inc. and IDEO

NV Class-E, Bombardier Recreational Products, Canada

Signature 600 Engine, Emilio Ambasz & Associates Inc. for Cummins Engine Co.

For photos and descriptions of all winners, visit the IDEA99 Gallery at www.idsa.org

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