More On Mike Milken, Then And Now

I believe Mike's most damaging attribute is his naivete. He maintains an unshakable belief that someday, some business writer will treat him fairly ("The reincarnation of Mike Milken," (Cover Story, May 10).

I have known Michael Milken since childhood. He was my first crush, and I was his first math tutee. And yes, he has always been quirky. But isn't it the iconoclasts and rebels who have changed science, art, business, literature, music, medicine, and mankind? Would any of us want to live in a world not touched by their brilliance?

Yes, he has huge energy for getting a job done. Wouldn't any of us, under the that life-curtailing gun? Like all those driven by a mission greater than themselves, he has no tolerance for time wasted. As we head into the 21st century, we are fortunate Michael is still alive to challenge the system and focus his vision on the future of cancer research and education.

Judith Sherman-Wolin

Brentwood, Calif.

I believe history will consider Milken's greatest contribution the creation of millions of jobs in the growth companies he financed, the savings of jobs in the companies he rescued, and the new industries he helped build.

Randolph C. Read

Chairman of the Board

International Capital Markets Group

Los Angeles

Your story erroneously assumes that because Mike is still doing good works today, he must be trying to "restore" himself. I've known him since the 1950s and have been struck by the remarkable consistency of what he has always said about the need to broaden access to health care and education. For the thousands of us who know the whole truth about Mike Milken, he's the same activist visionary who entered Berkeley 35 years ago.

Harry Horowitz

Los Angeles

Mike Milken misstated the reasons for Knowledge Universe's acquiring Children's Discovery Center. KU bought CDC because it's focused on providing high-quality, early-childhood education. Rather than overhaul the management, KU has augmented the existing team, infrastructure, and programs to enhance an already strong educational company and accelerate its growth.

Ron Packard

Executive Vice-President

Knowledge Universe

Los Angeles